I wanted to reflect for just a moment on this past year. 2019 was full of so much love. I rang in the new year with a broken wrist, but with friends I will cherish forever. I received a promotion and soon after found my dream job, with the encouragement from the most supportive of friends.

I moved from a place that I called home for eight years to the place I called home for years before that, celebrating my future with those I treasure most. (And I watched the St. Louis Blues bring home the Stanley Cup!) With that move, I made new friends, and began to explore the world with them. I traveled to ELEVEN states and FIVE countries on TWO continents. I tried new foods, explored new places, and experienced new things. And as the year came to a close, these new and old friends were there when I grieved loss, twice.

2019 taught me about resilience, forgiveness, confidence, strength, kindness, selflessness, compassion, friendship… I could go on. But the most important thing that resonated with me from 2019, was how it was so truly full of love. From building and strengthening friendships, to hugging loved ones just a little tighter, 2019 brought me more love than I’ve experienced in any other year of my life thus far. Although I am ending 2019 with a truly heavy heart, I owe it to myself and those I care about to go into 2020 with an open one. I know that 2020 will continue to teach me about love, resilience, and everything in between, while I continue to hug my people even tighter.

I remember you, 413.


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